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Pharmaceutical Process Systems

IPEC provided a number of systems to support an insulin production expansion at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico. This project included a Reverse-Phase Packing Skid, Buffer Preparation Skid, two (2) Micro Filter Rack Skids, three (3) Clean-In-Place (CIP) Skids, and thirty (30) Mix-proof Valve Manifold Assemblies. Many of these systems are installed in hazardous locations, requiring intrinsically safe or explosion proof (XP) components and design practices.

The Buffer Prep System prepares and delivers two types of ethanol-based buffers used in various downstream processes and recovery operations.

The Reverse Phase Packing System precisely prepares and delivers solutions to chromatography columns using liquid and solid ingredients batched to the vessel from various sources.

The Micro Filtration Racks provide large-scale filtration of products by splitting flows into permeate & retentate streams.

The Mixproof Valve manifolds are used to route a variety of solutions including media, buffer, CIP, and purified water to and from the various systems in the facility.

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