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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Systems

IPEC provided over 130 process and utility systems to support a customer’s largest-ever facility expansion for plasma-based fractionation and treatment manufacturing. Our scope of supply included one (1) Buffer Dilution System, two (2) Chromatography Systems, twelve (12) Sanitary Heat Exchanger Systems, fifty (50) Temperature Control Modules, and sixty-seven (67) Utility Panels.

The Chromatography Systems blend and transfer solutions to and from four (4) columns while monitoring critical process properties. The systems were designed for installation in a room with special access considerations for personnel and mobile equipment.

The Sanitary Heat Exchanger Systems supply and temper various process and utility solutions including chilled, ambient and hot purified water and WFI as well as bulk CIP chemicals and detergents. These assemblies also required special design considerations for installation in areas with limited floor space.

The Temperature Control Modules support dedicated tank jacket heating and cooling applications throughout the facility and were designed to be compact and stackable for efficient use of space.

The Utility Panels provide clean-room access to process and utility media. Some of the panels include connections for compressed gas (air, nitrogen, etc.), hot or chilled media, clean steam, cleaning and process solutions. Others offer sample points for chilled, ambient or hot purified water or WFI.

IPEC’s involvement with a large number of assemblies for this project benefitted the customer by providing a single point of contact and strengthening confidence that all were consistently designed and fabricated.

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