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IPEC employs staff dedicated to collecting and organizing documentation generated during each project into a Turn-Over Package (TOP). The TOP contains all information required to verify, commission, operate and service the equipment. Our Standard package is expanded significantly for pharmaceutical and biotech systems where comprehensive & complete documentation is critical.

Project documentation can include the following and more:

Design & Engineering

Mechanical Bill of Materials
Electrical Bill of Materials
Mechanical Assembly Drawings
Mechanical Detail Drawings
Catalog Cut Sheets
ISA Data Sheets
Electrical Panel Drawings
UL Labels
I/O Lists
Network Drawings
Seismic Calculations
Spare Parts Lists
Procedures & Specifications
Functional Specification
Hardware Design Specification
Software Quality Assurance Plan
Software Design Specification

Inspection & Fabrication

Quality Control System
Receiving Procedures
Inspection Reports
Weld Gas Certificates
Weld Logs
Weld Coupon Logs
Rejected Weld Logs
Tig/Orbital Weld Schedules
Weld/Slop Maps
Welding Qualifications
Mill Certifications
Material Certifications
Traceability Certifications
Certificates of Conformance
Calibration Certificates
Device Setup Logs

Check-Out & Testing

Pressure Test Procedure
Pressure Test Reports
Inspection Procedure
Inspection Reports
IQ/OQ Procedure
IQ/OQ Reports
Riboflavin Test Procedure
Riboflavin Test Report(s)
Hold-Up Volume Report
Drain Test Report
FAT Protocol
FAT Report
Passivation Procedure
Passivation Certificate
Cleaning Procedure
Cleaning Certificate
Shipping inspection Checklist

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