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AutoMalt Malting System

We asked Craft Maltster's what they wanted in a turnkey System. AutoMalt™ is the result. After extensive research, engineering and testing, these all-in-one systems are ready to transform the industry.

AutoMalt™ is the all-in-one Craft Malting System, providing steeping, germination and kilning for the brewing and distilling industries. The system may be used to malt or sprout a variety of grains. This combination of technologies and contemporary design elements are only available through IPEC.


Malting Vessel

The fully-insulated stainless steel Malting Vessel holds up to 4-tons of raw grain and includes the agitator, unloading doors/manways, plenum chamber, aeration/spray devices, and instrumentation.

Innovative Mixing

At the core of the AutoMalt™ is a patent pending agitation system that gently turns grain during the process and dispenses the finished product through the unloading door.

Support Skid

The Support Skid that accompanies the Malting Vessel contains all equipment for automated forced air malting including a blower, furnace, humidification chamber, control valves and instrumentation.

AutoMalt Malting System

Integrated Rinsing

The AutoMalt™ System includes multiple spray devices for manual or automated rinsing of the Malting Vessel, agitator, and plenum chamber. This ability to quickly and efficiently rinse the system while cleaning reduces downtime between batches.

Process Control

Once the grain is loaded and a recipe initiated, the AutoMalt™ will advance through the entire process, saving valuable manpower for other activities while producing a repeatable and consistent product. Sequence sub-steps may be manually adjusted, advanced, or delayed on-the-fly based on sampling data.

Remote Access

Simple and secure access to system control screens is provided via a web-based interface. This means the process can be monitored and adjusted from anywhere in the world from a computer or mobile device. Email alerts can also be setup for notification of critical system alarms.

Malting Automation

Recipe Management System

Over two-dozen recipes may be stored within the control system. Each process setting (time, temperature, air flow, etc.) may be configured for multiple sub-stages to create customized, repeatable batching sequences for multiple product lines.

Malting Automation


Separate Steep

A dedicated AutoSteep™ System may be added to increase production by overlapping successive batches. A single steep vessel can support multiple AutoMalt™ Systems.

Multi-System Configuration

Multiple AutoMalt™ Systems may be installed at once or as future additions to increase production capacity. The grouped units are operated by a central controller to allow use of shared recipes on all systems.

IPEC Craft Malting

Regenerative Heat Exchanger

A regenerative heat exchanger can be installed to pre-heat process drying/curing air and pre-cool process germination air during warm weather using the system exhaust. This feature lowers the cost of operation through reduced energy inputs.

Data Logging System

Process data, including time-stamped measurements for critical process parameters, can be stored within the System. The collected information can be accessed using a standard web browser, exported and used to create summary reports or batch records.

CIP Cart

A portable Clean-In-Place (CIP) Cart is available to fully automate your Malting Vessel cleaning. This assembly includes a break tank, CIP pump, detergent injection system, electric heater, valves and instrumentation. The cart plugs into the AutoMalt™ control panel and is operated via the main system controller.

Malt CIP Cart

Steam Heating

If a plant boiler is available, a steam heat exchanger may be used in place of the gas-fired furnace. This heating method reduces the footprint of the AutoMalt™ System and is an efficient way to support multiple units while reducing capital costs.

Process Water Tempering

A water cooler or hot/cold water blend system is available to control steep water temperature using customer-supplied chilled media for cooling, or a blend valve for mixing.

Mixing Matters

The AutoMalt™ mixer is responsible for one of the most critical (and toughest) jobs within the system - Gently turning the grain during processing while improving air flow and maintaining even humidity and temperature distribution.

Take a Load Off

The innovative mixer design also dispenses cured malt from the Vessel through the unloading door and into your grain handing system where it can be further processed (de-culmed, roasted, bagged) before sale.

Clean with Confidence

AutoMalt™ includes multiple spray devices for full-coverage rinsing of the vessel walls, mixer and plenum chamber. If the optional CIP Cart is purchased, the vessel can be cleaned automatically, efficiently and repeatably with heated detergents.

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