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IPEC can guide customers through a seemingly endless array of decisions that lie between the planning stages and opening of your Malt House. We also support established businesses considering expansion options. Based on our experience in a variety of industries, we understand the specific challenges faced, and can offer valuable insight.

Plant Layout

Whether planning for a new facility, or looking to utilize existing infrastructure, IPEC can assist. Workflow analysis, equipment layout, utility routing, and accommodations for future expansion are some of the critical details that must be considered.

Malting Design

Process Development

Using any constraints and your target weekly or annual production goal, IPEC can help determine the most cost effective production methods for start-up and future growth.

Malting Process

Grain Storage & Handling

IPEC works with leading consultants and suppliers of grain cleaning, storage and handling equipment and can facilitate a successful partnership based on your needs.

Operational Cost Analysis

Once production goals are established, IPEC can determine cost of operation on a per-batch and annual basis, given local utility rates and other factors. Further evaluation of capital vs. payback costs for regenerative heating and other potential auxiliary systems help clarify financial decisions.

Malt Evaluation

Using our pilot malt system, IPEC can process various grain varieties, comparing physical properties and evaluating batching parameters to confirm production planning and business development.


Plant Automation

IPEC can supply mechanical and electrical systems, develop functional specifications, and provide automation services for new or existing facilities to help improve efficiency, consistency, and convenience.

IPEC Malt Automation

Plant Utilities

Based on your production goals, location and other factors, IPEC can specify the type and size of critical malthouse utilities such as chillers, boilers, compressed air systems, heat transfer systems and waste treatment systems.

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