Waste Treatment System


IPEC Waste Treatment, BioKill and Neutralization Systems are available to thermally or chemically deactivate liquid biological effluent prior to discharge, continuously or in batches.

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waste treatment system
Continuous Thermal Treatment System (integral regenerative heating and CIP)

While batch-style Waste Treatment Systems collect and process wastewater with heat, agitation, time, or chemical addition, continuous systems treat waste streams on demand with HTST-style processing or in-line chemical injection and neutralization. Each custom skid is configured using customer-specific process information, biosafety level criteria, and discharge regulations. We do not sell or try to "fit' customers into pre-engineered systems.

Repeatable & Dependable
waste neutralization
Alternating Batch Waste Netutralization System

IPEC Waste Treatment Systems are fully automated and customized with the proper high-quality instrumentation needed to monitor, confirm and, if necessary, document your regulatory data. Our experienced Engineering staff will guide you through selection of a proper treatment technology and design of a system to provide years of dependable service.


  • Thermal Batch Waste Treatment System
  • Thermal Batch Waste Treatment System
  • Alternating Batch Waste Neutralization System
  • Continuous Thermal Waste Treatment System
When you think of waste treatment, think IPEC


  1. combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole

"an integrated and high-quality system"

  1. organized or structured so that constituent units function cooperatively

"an integrated package of services"

synonyms: unified, united, consolidated, combined, merged, cohesive, complete

There's a reason the word integrated is in our name. IPEC provides a comprehensive range of professional services including project management, engineering, design, fabrication, inspection, testing and installation support. This is realized through employees dedicated to total customer satisfaction and value. Our industry knowledge, understanding of critical details, and expertise with stringent design and production standards facilitate high-quality yet cost effective systems that exceed expectations.


    Customer-Focused Solutions

    IPEC systems are custom designed and engineered to meet the individual process requirements of each customer. Our expert engineering & design staff support all phases of analysis, design, fabrication, and implementation a system. This commitment continues after installation with available operator training, spare parts ordering and ongoing service support.

    Budgetary Project Analysis

    Project Management

    Process Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    Drafting & Modeling


    Seamless Integration

    IPEC systems are available fully automated with in-house support for all major control platforms. If the project requires third-party software development or controls hardware, our team will work seamlessly with the customer's suppliers to integrate their efforts.

    Functional Specifications

    Software Development & Programming

    PLC & PC-Based Systems

    Recipe Management and Batch Records

    21 CFR Part 11 Integration

    GAMP Documentation


    Unparalleled Quality

    IPEC fabrication quality is second to none. Comprehensive and detailed construction procedures and training compliment our highly skilled and experienced production staff. The resulting systems represent the finest examples of craftsmanship that can be found.

    A continued effort to incorporate the latest technology into our facility pays dividends to our customers. Our specialty is high purity stainless steel, however we regularly manufacture systems using other high-alloy metals, plastics and other materials.

    ASME section IX Certified Orbital Welding

    Stainless Steel & High-Purity Alloys

    Mechanical Fabrication

    Electrical Fabrication

    Mechanical Polishing


    Laser Etching


    System Cleaning and Crating

    Installation Support & Field Piping


    You Can Trust It, Because We Test It

    IPEC Systems are thoroughly inspected to ensure that the governing specifications are met or exceeded. Our certified Quality Control team verifies all aspects of a completed system against our internal standards and those provide by the customer.

    Incoming Materials Inspection

    Boroscopic Weld Inspection

    Surface Finish Testing

    Pressure Testing

    Sprayball Coverage (Riboflavin) Testing

    Slope Inspection/Drainability Testing

    IQ/OQ Checkout

    Budgetary Project Analysis


    Complete & Comprehensive

    IPEC employs staff members dedicated solely to the generation and compilation of an extensive documentation package for every system that is manufactured. This contains all information required to verify, commission, operate and service the equipment.

    Our standard package is expanded significantly for pharmaceutical and biotech systems where proper documentation is as critical as the equipment itself.

    P&IDs/Process Flow Diagrams

    Package/Assembly Drawings

    Component Lists (Bill of Materials)

    Spare Parts Lists

    Electrical Schematics

    Panel Drawings

    I/O Lists

    Software Documentation

    Calibration Certificates

    Operation & Maintenance Manuals

    Inspection & Test Reports

    Cleaning and Passivation Reports

    Seismic Analysis

    Weld Inspection Video


    Confidence in Compliance

    IPEC provides systems compliant with the world's most recognized & respected technical standard and safety organizations. We work with multiple third-party firms to document, register and certify our systems with the proper authorities. Our experience and comfort working within these domestic and international standards strengthens the confidence of our customers.

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