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AutoMalt Malting System

If you're a floor Maltster or have other germination equipment and want to add a worry-free kilning solution, AutoKiln™ is the answer. This automated system uses the same framework as the AutoMalt™, but we removed anything not needed for drying and curing operations.


Rectangular Kiln

The fully-insulated Kiln includes all-stainless steel construction, a cantilevered lid for full access, unloading doors, plenum chamber with removable wedge wire grating, clean-out drain, instrument ports, and leveling feet.

Malt Kiln

Indirect-Fired Furnace

AutoKiln™ uses an industrial gas-fired duct furnace to provide ample heating using outdoor supply air, without relying on recycled, humid off-air. Systems are sized by location and can be configured for sub-zero winter temperatures for our customers in northern climates.

Support Skid

The Support Skid that accompanies the Kiln contains all equipment for automated forced air curing including a blower, furnace, control valves and instrumentation (temperature, humidity, & air-flow).

AutoKiln Malt Kiln System

Full Control

AutoKiln™ uses the same automation platform as the AutoMalt™, allowing the Maltster to create and store multiple recipes, execute batch sequences automatically, and access the system remotely for monitoring and adjustment.

Malt Automation


Circular Kiln

A circular Kiln is available to incorporate Clean-In-Place (CIP) features for easier or automated cleaning. This vessel configuration can also be fitted with the AutoMalt™ mixer for use in stirring grain during drying and for automated unloading.

Regenerative Heat Exchanger

A regenerative heat exchanger can be installed to pre-heat process drying/curing air using the system exhaust. This feature lowers the cost of operation through a reduction in energy input requirements.

Steam Heating

If a plant boiler is available, a steam heat exchanger may be used in place of the gas-fired furnace. This heating method reduces the footprint of the system and is an efficient way to support multiple units while reducing capital costs.

Data Logging System

Process data, including time-stamped measurements for critical process parameters, can be stored within the System. The collected information can be accessed using a standard web browser, exported and used to create summary reports or batch records.

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