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AutoMalt Malting System

IPEC Malting Systems are designed for those who demand the highest quality equipment and process control. Through a combination of time-tested and innovative methods, we empower Maltsters to grow the emerging Craft Malt industry. Manufactured in Wisconsin, USA, our systems are the result of detailed engineering, advanced technology and superior craftsmanship.

We offer standard equipment designs over a range of batch sizes, but our strength as a custom fabricator/integrator can be leveraged to manufacture a system or individual components to your exact requirements.


    The fully-insulated, 100% stainless steel Malting Vessel can process between 1 and 4-tons of raw grain and includes the agitator, unloading doors/manways, wedgwire false-floor, plenum chamber, aeration nozzles, instrumentation and cleaning devices. These features provide a robust and clean environment in which to facilitate all phases of the malting process.


    The fully-insulated, 100% stainless steel Malting Vessel includes loading & unloading doors, wedgwire false-floor, plenum chamber and aeration nozzles. These features provide a robust and clean environment in which to facilitate all phases of the malting process.

    Kiln with Confidence

    The fully-insulated, 100% stainless steel Kiln includes the, unloading doors/manways, wedgwire false-floor, plenum chamber, instrumentation, and can be fitted with clean-in-place nozzles. These features provide a robust and clean environment in which to cure the malt. Both circular and rectangular kilns are available depending on preference and facility dimensional limitations.

    Automatic Grain Turning

    At the core of the AutoMalt™ is a patent pending agitation system that gently turns grain during the process, preventing rootlet matting while promoting even distribution of process air and temperature. This innovative mixer is also used to unload the vessel after the batch has completed.

    Forced-Air Malting

    All IPEC Craft Malting Systems use industrial-grade blowers to push conditioned air through the grain bed during various process steps. Each fan is conservatively sized based on the batch volume, grain depth and customer location (elevation) to ensure proper capacity. Variable speed drives are included to enable precise control of air flow during low flow (germination) and high flow (kilning) phases.

    Process Cooling

    A liquid-to-air heat exchanger is used to lower process air temperature as needed during germination sequences. The system uses chilled media supplied from an external chiller and an automated modulating control valve to maintain target on-air temperatures.

    Process Cooling

    A liquid-to-air heat exchanger is used to lower process are temperature as needed during germination sequences. The system uses chilled media supplied from an external chiller and adjustable control valve to maintain target on-air temperatures.

    Process Heating

    Process air is heated using an efficient, indirect-fired furnace which may be configured for natural gas or propane. Each heating system can be designed to provide proper heating during Free-Dry, Force Day and Curing without recycling humid off-air, based on the customer's location and seasonal outdoor temperatures.

    Process Heating

    Process air is heated using an efficient electric element which provides highly precise and accurate control using the Operator-defined set point and PID controller. Standard sizing is sufficient for most applications, but sizing/capacity can be adjusted to suit specific requests.

    Optimized Steeping

    A process water cooler is included for use in lowering steep water temperature as the vessel is filled. This heat exchanger uses the same chilled media as the process air cooler and can be manually adjusted as needed for seasonal variations in water or grain temperature. Alternatively, a process water heater can be included if winter water temperatures result in sub-optimal steeping conditions.

    Process Humidification

    The stainless steel Misting Chamber humidifies process air using atomizing spray nozzles. Multiple zones & nozzles are included to allow for flow rate adjustments based on variable seasonal/ambient conditions. This ensures effective humidification without excessive water waste.

    Full Automation

    Our proprietary, graphics-based software package has been developed for use with an Allen Bradley industrial PLC and touch screen interface, resulting in a state-of-the-art control system that will work dependably for years.

    Malting Automation

    Simple and secure access to system control screens is provided via a web-based interface. This means the process can be monitored and adjusted from anywhere in the world from a computer or mobile device. Email alerts can also be setup for notification of critical system alarms.

    Over two-dozen recipes may be stored within the control system. Nearly every process setting (time, temperature, air flow, etc.) may be configured using multiple sub-stages to create customized, repeatable batching sequences for your various product lines.

    Malting Automation

    Integrated Clean-In-Place

    With purchase of the optional CIP Cart, Malting Vessels & Kilns can automatically and consistently be cleaned-in-place using the integral spray devices, further minimizing downtime between batches with a configurable recipe, heated detergents, and flow monitoring.

    Highly Flexible

    All IPEC Craft Malt Systems include ductwork connections for extension through the building's exterior and use with intake and exhaust of ambient air during the process. Adjustable valves are included at inlet, exhaust and bypass points which provide the ability to accurately control the amount of air that may be recycled during a germination, stewing or drying sequence.

    Enhanced Debris Removal

    The system can automatically direct water and floating debris through an overflow weir during each wet steep filling process to reduce or eliminate manual efforts to skim "floaters" from the desirable grain. This function can be enabled and adjusted for durations based on grain quality and pre-batch washing/seed cleaning efforts to limit water waste.

    Enhanced Debris Removal

    The MiniMalt™ includes a vessel spray ring and nozzles designed to direct water and floating debris through an overflow weir during each wet steep filling process to reduce or eliminate manual efforts to skim "floaters" from the desirable grain.

    Tradition Meets Innovation

    The food-grade stainless steel steeping vessel includes an industry standard 60º cone bottom to aid in the cast-out process. An innovative multi-nozzle spray ring installed around the upper lip of the vessel provides dust control during grain loading, directs water and debris towards the overflow weir during swim-out, and rinses down the vessel walls in-between batches to reduce cleaning efforts.

    Steep Tank

    AutoSteep™ includes automatic valving and sensors for level control, temperature monitoring, and pressure regulation. This equipment integrates with the control system to automate the steeping process from water addition, through aeration, air-rest and CO2 extraction.

    A Rousing Success

    Steep Tank

    A multi-level aeration manifold is installed on the tank cone to rouse the grain and raise dissolved oxygen levels in the steep water at adjustable intervals, duration and pressure for ultimate flexibility.

    Flexible Controls

    IPEC Malt

    AutoSteep™ uses the same automation platform as the AutoMalt™, allowing the Maltster to create and store multiple recipes, execute batch sequences automatically, and access the system remotely for monitoring and adjustment. Controls may be stand-alone or integrated with downstream equipment such as the AutoMalt or AutoKiln for a single operator interface.

    Flelxible Controls

    Affordable, yet helpful controls make the malting process easier to master. This includes timers for aeration and CO2 extraction, an adjustable blower speed dial and PID temperature controllers for heating and cooling sequences. Additionally, there are multiple safety interlocks to prevent certain activations from occurring at the same time (i.e. the blower and heater may not operate when the tank is full of water). An optional PLC and touchscreen are available for full automation, recipe management and remote access capabilities.

    Know Your Weight

    Optional load cells may be installed on the tank legs for use in confirming grain weight, if loading from a bulk storage system.

    Controled Steep Temperature

    If your facility includes both plant hot and cold water supplies, a blending valve and additional probe can be integrated to facilitate precise temperature control when filling the vessel during each wet steep. This can be very useful to overcome issues associated with seasonal variations in water and grain temperatures, depending on the water source and location of raw grain storage.

    Process Monitoring

    Multiple sensors monitor temperature, air & liquid flow rates, pressure, and liquid levels. Optional humidity sensors are also available to confirm on-air and off-air during germination and kilning. The primary sensors may also be integrated with an optional data logging system for creation of batch records for evaluation and comparison of different processes.

    Simple Process Transitions

    Several ports attached to the tank bottom facilitate easy process control when moving through the various steps required for proper steeping, A stainless steel, cylindrical wedgewire screen allows steep water to be released through a drain port while preventing the escape of grain. A second, isolated port on this drain line is connected to the included industrial blower to provide the air flow required for heat and CO2 extraction from the grain during air rest. A liquid-tight knife gate or butterfly valve is installed on the main cone outlet for use in cast-out upon completion of the steeping process.

    Smart Ductwork

    in addition to containing all of the components and instrumentation required to properly condition process air, the MiniMalt™ ductwork is designed with several innovative vertical elements. This both reduces the system footprint and prevents process water from reaching the electric heater or blower in the event that the valve on the plenum inlet is inadvertently opened during steeping.

    Full Access

    IPEC Malt

    The MiniMalt™ vessel includes two access doors on the upper head which provide full access for loading, grain turning, inspection and cleaning. The gasketed doors clamp shut when not in use to prevent process air leakage.

    Unload With Ease

    IPEC Malt

    The MiniMalt™ vessel unloading door sits flush with the stainless steel wedge wire false bottom grating. This allows the finished malt to be easily swept or raked from the tank once the process is complete. The grate sections can be removed through this door to access the plenum chamber for cleaning or maintenance.


    Malting Automation

    If using a touch screen device, press and hold the red circles above for at least one second to view pop-up details about the system

    AutoMalt Malting System

    We asked Craft Maltster's what they wanted in a turnkey System. AutoMalt™ is the result. After extensive research, engineering and testing, these all-in-one systems are ready to transform the industry.

    AutoMalt™ is the all-in-one Craft Malting System, providing steeping, germination and kilning for the brewing and distilling industries. The system may be used to malt or sprout a variety of grains. This combination of technologies and contemporary design elements are only available through IPEC.

    Mixing Matters

    The AutoMalt™ mixer is responsible for one of the most critical (and toughest) jobs within the system - Gently turning the grain during processing while improving air flow and maintaining even humidity and temperature distribution.

    Take a Load Off

    The innovative mixer design also dispenses cured malt from the Vessel through the unloading door and into your grain handing system where it can be further processed (de-culmed, roasted, bagged) before sale.

    Clean with Confidence

    AutoMalt™ includes multiple spray devices for full-coverage rinsing of the vessel walls, mixer and plenum chamber. If the optional CIP Cart is purchased, the vessel can be cleaned automatically, efficiently and repeatably with heated detergents.


    Malting Automation

    If using a touch screen device, press and hold the red circles above for at least one second to view pop-up details about the system

    A simple, yet extremely effective system for automated steeping, AutoSteep™ is designed for easy loading, cast-out, and cleaning. Swim-Out, Wet Steep and Air-Rest cycles are carried-out by the controller using integrated instrumentation, valving, aeration, and CO2 removal equipment. An innovative compressed air rousing process simplifies and eliminates moving parts from inside the vessel.


    Malting Automation

    If using a touch screen device, press and hold the red circles above for at least one second to view pop-up details about the system

    If you're a floor Maltster or have other germination equipment and want to add a worry-free kilning solution, AutoKiln™ is the answer. This automated system uses the same framework as the AutoMalt™, but we removed anything not needed for drying and curing operations.


    Malting Automation

    If using a touch screen device, press and hold the red circles above for at least one second to view pop-up details about the system

    The newest member of the IPEC Craft Malt family, MiniMalt™ is designed for the Maltster who needs a worry-free system for mini/micro-sized batches of approximately 100-500 lb (50-225 kg). This all-in-one shines as a pilot, specialty malt or other small batch process system with many convenient standard features.

    Malting Automation

    If using a touch screen device, press and hold the red circles above for at least one second to view pop-up details about the system

    Options & Accessories

    Multi-System Configuration

    Multiple Systems may be installed at once or as future additions to increase production capacity. Grouped units may be operated by a central controller to allow use of shared recipes on all systems.

    IPEC Craft Malting

    Regenerative Heat Exchangers

    Regenerative heat exchangers may be installed to pre-heat process drying/curing air and pre-cool process germination air during warm weather using the system exhaust. This feature lowers the cost of operation through reduced energy inputs.

    Data Logging System

    Process data, including time-stamped measurements for critical process parameters, can be stored within the System. The collected information can be accessed using a standard web browser, exported and used to create summary reports or batch records.

    CIP Cart

    A portable Clean-In-Place (CIP) Cart is available to fully automate your Malting Vessel cleaning. This assembly includes a break tank, CIP pump, detergent injection system, electric heater, valves and instrumentation. The cart plugs into the AutoMalt™ control panel and is operated via the main system controller.

    Malt CIP Cart

    Steam Heating

    If your facility includes a boiler, a steam heat exchanger may be used in place of the gas-fired furnace. This heating method reduces the footprint of the AutoMalt™ System and is an efficient way to support multiple units while reducing capital costs.


    • Steep Tanks

    • Kilns

    • Support Systems

    • Humidification Systems

    • Electric Heating Systems

    IPEC can provide fully engineered individual system components such as bare Steep Tanks, Kilns, Support Skids, and Misting Chambers. These offerings lower capital costs for startups without sacrificing equipment/material quality or proper sizing of critical process elements.

    Consultation Services


    IPEC can guide customers through a seemingly endless array of decisions that lie between the planning stages and opening of your Malt House. We also support established businesses considering expansion options. Based on our experience in a variety of industries, we understand the specific challenges faced, and can offer valuable insight.

    Plant Layout

    Whether planning for a new facility, or looking to utilize existing infrastructure, IPEC can assist. Workflow analysis, equipment layout, utility routing, and accommodations for future expansion are some of the critical details that must be considered.

    Malting Design

    Process Development

    Using any constraints and your target weekly or annual production goal, IPEC can help determine the most cost effective production methods for start-up and future growth.

    Malting Process

    Operational Cost Analysis

    Once production goals are established, IPEC can determine cost of operation on a per-batch and annual basis, given local utility rates and other factors. Further evaluation of capital vs. payback costs for regenerative heating and other potential auxiliary systems help clarify financial decisions.

    Plant Automation

    IPEC can supply mechanical and electrical systems, develop functional specifications, and provide automation services for new or existing facilities to help improve efficiency, consistency, and convenience.

    IPEC Malt Automation

    Plant Utilities

    Based on your production goals, location and other factors, IPEC can specify the type and size of critical malthouse utilities such as chillers, boilers, compressed air systems, heat transfer systems and waste treatment systems.


    We are proud to supply equipment and services to a growing list of Craft Malt Houses, and wish all continued success:

    In 2012, IPEC was approached by Blacklands Malt of Austin, TX to assist with production of the equipment needed to take their specialty malting business to the next level. Blacklands supplied the vision and process specifications while IPEC added our skilled engineering and fabrication services to deliver these systems. Using the current demand for Blacklands' products as an indicator, we believe the equipment to be well worth the investment.

    "Simply put, I could not be in business today making high quality base and specialty malts without the expertise at IPEC. Their design and review process coupled with their years of experience in system fabrication combine to make a perfect balance between quality craftsmanship and value. As a small malthouse, it is difficult to find suitable equipment at an affordable price, yet still maintain a high level of process control. When comparing IPEC's offering to those found in Germany and China it was an obvious choice for me. Their malting system was exactly what I needed to be successful and I'm proud to support a manufacturer right here in the USA."

    - Brandon Ade - Owner/Operator, Blacklands Malt

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