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Purified Water Generation

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No Gimmics. No Fancy Names. Just Pure Water.

IPEC Purified Water Generation Systems are designed to exceed industry standards for purified water. Our fully-automated, modular systems are available over a range of output capacities with optional treatment devices. Standard and custom designs are fabricated quickly and pre-validated at IPEC to help meet aggressive project schedules.


purified water generation

Hot Water Sanitizable USP Purified Water Generation System

Proven Technology

Proven technologies like reverse osmosis (RO) and continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) provide our customers with dependable and low maintenance solutions for water purification. System components and options are selected and configured based upon the product-water specifications and specific properties of your feedwater.

water purification system

Hot Water Sanitizable USP Purified Water Generation System

Superior Craftsmanship

IPEC Purified Water Systems can contain pre-treatment through final filtration on a single frame. These modular designs, with various options are pre-engineered to minimize the package footprint, lead time, and installation efforts. Pre-validation via Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) further minimizes time required for commissioning at the customer’s facility.

purified water system

"All-In-One" Purified Water Generation, Storage & Distribution

No Room? No Problem.

IPEC Purified Water Generation Systems can be purchased along with our Purified Water Storage & Distribution Systems to provide a complete water solution for your next expansion project. If available space is tight at your facility, we can efficiently integrate Pre-Treatment, Generation, Storage and Distribution into a single packaged assembly.

USP purified water system

Dual-Train USP Purified Water Generation System w/ Integral CIP

Ditch the CIP Cart

IPEC Generation Systems can be configured to include integral, automated cleaning sequences that enable the Operator to chemically clean or sanitize the RO membranes or entire system without the use of external pump carts or hoses. Our recipe management system allows for creation and storage of multiple cleaning cycles which may be customized to address specific RO foulants.

IPEC Purified Water Generation Systems come standard with core treatment devices and instrumentation for consistent and dependable production. Many optional features are also available to address specific feed water issues, or to meet specification. Once the System ships, our commitment to the customer continues through a variety of available services.

purified water generation system



IPEC offers a complete range of professional services for system design, production, documentation and commissioning.

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