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Batching & Formulation Systems

formulation system

Process solutions are used in every industry. IPEC provides systems for precise, repeatable and hygienic batching at any scale. Our experience with a wide variety of process applications translates to successful projects from initial concept through operation.


formulation system

Pharmaceutical & Biotechology

Media solutions serve many critical functions in research and manufacturing of bio-pharmaceutical products. IPEC Systems are used for a wide range of operations including batching, formulation, compounding, continuous processing, and buffer or media preparation.

batching system

Food, Beverage & Personal Care

IPEC Batching Systems include make-up tanks in which liquid and dry ingredients are added, blended, and in some cases heated or cooled. The batch may then be transferred to a use tank, where it is pumped at a controlled rate to the use point. Systems may be configured with combined, alternating batching/use tanks to allow one side to be in production or transfer while the other is cleaned. This approach can sustain continuous operation in support of a downstream filling (filling, cooking, etc.).

formulation suite

Experienced Design

Each assembly is custom designed to meet your process specifications with efficient use of space and available utilities. IPEC Super Skids can be manufactured for large-scale production and other modular systems for CIP, Filtration, HTST, and Utility can be added for a complete Production Suite.


  • Pharmaceutical Compounding System

  • Pharmaceutical Sterile Storage System

  • Pharmaceutical Media Prep System w/ Clean Room Segregation

  • Pharmaceutical Media Prep Super Skid

  • Pharmaceutical Purification Module Super Skid

  • Pharmaceutical Hydration System w/ Homogenization

  • Food Production Lecithin Batching System

  • Food Production Liquid Vitamin Batching System



IPEC offers a complete range of professional services for system design, production, documentation and commissioning.

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