IPEC is a leader in design and fabrication of custom process systems for a range of industries. Our expertise allows us to serve global markets with dedicated staff focused on exceeding expectations. We work closely with customers to specify materials and components for most effective and efficient results without unnecessary capital or operational cost.

The systems shown below represent our core product lines, however our capabilities continue to grow and extend well beyond those listed.


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Bulk Pasteurization

Certain pharmaceutical products respond poorly to high temperature short time (HTST) sterilization. In these cases, bulk pasteurization can be a valuable solution for inactivation of microorganisms contained within solution.

bulk pasteurization

IPEC Bulk Pasteurization Systems provide accurate control of product temperature, exceptionally even heat distribution, and precise heat up/cool down rates required to sterilize even the most sensitive products. Systems can automate the complete process to include dedicated Media Prep, Heat Transfer or Final Filtration modules.


bulk pasteurization

Certain components cannot be cleaned-in-place and must be removed or disassembled and cleaned-out-of-place (COP). IPEC COP Systems (Parts Washers) provide efficiency, reliability and repeatability when compared with manual washing methods.

bulk pasteurization

IPEC COP Systems are custom configured based on your industry or plant-specific standards, equipment to be cleaned, and your preference for controls and automation. Systems can be made with basic functionality using manual controls, or can be highly automated.

bulk pasteurization


IPEC can supply a variety of custom process component as individual assemblies or as part of a larger modular sysem.

bulk pasteurization
  • Spray Balls
  • Statix Mixers
  • Strainers
  • Transfer Panel Jumpers
bulk jumper