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AutoSteep Steep Tank

AutoSteep™ is designed for easy loading, cast-out, and cleaning. Swim-Out, Wet Steep and Air-Rest cycles are carried-out by the controller using integrated instrumentation, valving, aeration, and CO2 removal equipment. An innovative compressed air rousing process simplifies and eliminates moving parts from inside the vessel.


Steep Tank

Aeration Manifold

An Aeration Manifold is installed on the tank cone to rouse the grain and raise dissolved oxygen levels in the steep water. Adjustable supply pressure provides flexibility for tuning the process.

Multi-Nozzle Spray Ring

A Spray Ring installed around the upper lip of the Vessel provides dust control during grain loading, directs water and debris towards the overflow weir during swim-out, and rinses vessel walls in-between batches.

Swim-Out Overflow

The system automatically directs water and floating debris through an overflow weir for a configurable duration during each wet steep filling process.

CO2 Extraction Blower

An industrial blower is included to provide the air flow required for heat and CO2 removal from the grain during air rest sequences.

Full Control

AutoSteep™ uses the same automation platform as the AutoMalt™, allowing the Maltster to create and store multiple recipes, execute batch sequences automatically, and access the system remotely for monitoring and adjustment.


Valves & Instrumentation

AutoSteep™ includes automatic valving and sensors for level, temperature and pressure. This equipment integrates with the control system to automate the steeping process from water addition, through aeration, air-rest and CO2 extraction.

Steep Tank


Load Cells

Vessel weighing systems are available to confirm loaded raw grain weight at the beginning of the steeping process.

CIP-Ready Steep Tank

The AutoSteep™ may be fabricated with a dished upper head containing a manway, grain loading port and spray devices for use with manual or automated Clean-In-Place (CIP) of the vessel.

Air Lift Column

The AutoSteep™ may be fabricated with an air lift aeration column to replace the external manifold. This assembly provides enhanced mixing during aeration.

Tank Ladder

A stainless steel ladder for use in accessing the tank head for inspection, sampling, and maintenance is available with the Steep Vessel.


Data Logging System

Process data, including time-stamped measurements for critical process parameters, can be stored within the System. The collected information can be accessed using a standard web browser, exported and used to create summary reports or batch records.

CIP Cart

The same portable Clean-In-Place (CIP) Cart that can be used to clean the AutoMalt™ Vessel is available to fully automate your Steep Tank cleaning. This assembly includes a break tank, CIP pump, detergent injection system, electric heater, valves and instrumentation. The cart plugs into and is operated via the main system controller.

CIP Cart

Process Water Tempering

A water cooler or hot/cold water blend system is available to control steep water temperature using customer-supplied chilled media for cooling, or a blend valve for mixing.

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