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IPEC Craft Malting

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The table below provides an overview of standard IPEC Craft Malting System designs and options, but custom configurations are always available upon request.





Batch Size1

Up To 4-Ton2









Not Available

The Fine Print:
1. The ratings (in raw tons) for IPEC Craft Malting Systems are based on average physical characteristics of grain (bulk density, growth during steeping/germination, malting losses, etc.) and should be considered nominal for planning purposes. The actual batch size limit (min & max) is based on available volume within the process vessel and ability for blowers and temperature control equipment to effectively operate. There are many factors that will affect batch size (grain characteristics, recipe settings, etc.) and others that will affect yearly output (recipe duration, unloading time, cleaning/maintenance downtime, etc.). Upon request, IPEC can assist the customer in estimating batch sizes, annual output, and batch/yearly operational costs for this equipment. 2. Batch sizes based on physical properties of 2-Row Barley. Batch sizes for other grains may vary. 3. Equipment can support larger batch sizes, however several factors must be considered. Please contact IPEC to discuss application-specific sizing.

Information/general descriptions included on this site may not always apply in actual case of use and are subject to change as a result of further product development. Any obligation to provide the respective characteristics described herein shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of a contract.

In 2012, IPEC was approached by Blacklands Malt of Austin, TX to assist with production of the equipment needed to take their specialty malting business to the next level. Blacklands supplied the vision and process specifications while IPEC added our skilled engineering and fabrication services to deliver these systems. Using the current demand for Blacklands' products as an indicator, we believe the equipment to be well worth the investment.

"Simply put, I could not be in business today making high quality base and specialty malts without the expertise at IPEC. Their design and review process coupled with their years of experience in system fabrication combine to make a perfect balance between quality craftsmanship and value. As a small malthouse, it is difficult to find suitable equipment at an affordable price, yet still maintain a high level of process control. When comparing IPEC's offering to those found in Germany and China it was an obvious choice for me. Their malting system was exactly what I needed to be successful and I'm proud to support a manufacturer right here in the USA."

- Brandon Ade - Owner/Operator, Blacklands Malt

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