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    1. combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole

    1. organized or structured so that constituent units function cooperatively

    synonyms: unified, united, consolidated, combined, merged, cohesive, complete

    There's a reason integrated is a part of our name. IPEC provides a comprehensive range of professional services including project management, engineering, design, fabrication, inspection, testing and installation support. This is realized through employees dedicated to total customer satisfaction and value. Our industry knowledge, understanding of critical details, and expertise with stringent design and production standards facilitate high-quality yet cost effective systems that exceed expectations.


    • Process Development

      Conceptual process & system sizing based on target production rates, product specifications, etc.

      Process Flow Diagrams
      Preliminary System Layout
      Utility requirements
      Plant Layout

    • Cost Analysis & Optimization

      Review of available process methods, equipment technologies and design options.

      Capital Costs
      Operational cost analysis
      Maintenance Costs

    • Equipment Specifications

      Specification development for accurate bid comparison and vendor selection.

      Major Equipment & Components
      Piping & Material Specs
      Controls & Automation
      Fabrication Techniques
      Testing and Documentation

    Project Management

    • Customer Service

      Customer service is priority #1 at IPEC. Nothing we do matters unless our clients are satisfied with our products and services and we focus on this through all phases of each project.

    • Project Oversight

      Project management interfaces with the customer, design team, fabrication department and component suppliers to verify designs, approve plans and monitor schedule.

    Engineering, Design & Automation

    • P&ID & Process Development

      Development and maintenance of piping & instrumentation drawings (P&IDs), further developed from process flow diagrams.

    • Mechanical Engineering

      Configuration, review and procurement of system components per system design & specifications

    • Electrical Engineering

      Design of electrical control systems and procurement of components required to operate the system as specified.

    • System Design

      Preparation of fabrication drawings and system documentation via integration of mechanical, electrical, piping and structural sub-systems.

    • Automation

      Documentation authoring, software development and implementation for process control, monitoring, and data management.


    • Structural Assembly

      Preparation, assembly, grinding and polishing of system framing and platforms for structural support of major equipment, mechanical, piping and electrical systems.

    • Component Manufacturing

      In-house manufacturing of various system components such as vessels, static mixers, spray devices and transfer panels.

    • Mechanical Assembly

      Major equipment mounting and installation of piping, fittings and mechanical components per fabrication drawings and project specifications.

    • Electrical Assembly

      Electrical Panel fabrication, instrument wiring, pneumatic systems and conduit installation per fabrication drawings and project specifications.

    • Inspection

      Quality Control & Assurance for:

      Inspection of incoming parts and fittings
      Weld inspection
      Confirmation of conformance to procedures and specifications

    Documentation & Testing

    • Checkout

      Inspection and verification that system design and assembly match approval documents and meet project specifications.

    • System Testing

      Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and pre-validation to confirm functionality as defined by project-specific protocol.

    • Documentation

      Comprehensive collection of all documentation required to fabricate, validate, operate and maintain the system.

    • Certifications

      Incorporation of 3rd-party and internal approvals to certify alignment with technical and safety standards

    Field Services

    • Shipping

      System preparation, protection, crating, insurance and freight forwarding to global client locations.

    • Reassembly

      Structural, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic sub-system reassembly by IPEC personnel.

    • Installation Supervision

      Oversight for reassembly and installation pf modular systems that must be broken-down for shipment.

    • Start-Up Support

      Site Acceptance Test (SAT) execution and support for on-site system operation and validation activities.

    • Service Support

      System training, spare parts procurement, inspection and routine or emergency maintenance support.

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