Buffer Stock Blending

The Problem

Buffer Stock Blending

The Solution

NIIMBL-BioPhorum Study Findings*

  • Up to 150X dilution possible (dependent on stock concentrations)
  • Time of start-up/balancing to dispense of 15-45 seconds
  • Low stock concentrate waste of (<5% @200L batch, <1% @3000L)
  • Greater than 99% compositional accuracy possible (dependent on volume dispensed)
  • Downtime < 2 minutes between product changeover
  • Significant decrease in both CAPEX & OPEX possible

*See links to articles, etc. in the Resources Section below

Buffer Stock Blending

Continued Innovation

IPEC BSB - Next-Gen Improvements

  • Reduced system footprint/hold-up volume
  • Line size modifications for improved system hydraulics
  • Increased maximum system flow rate/capacity
  • Updated concentrate feed line flushing design
  • Pump speed control & feedback improvements
  • Additional dispensing outlet
  • Installation sensors/safety interlocks on CIP Jumpers
  • Increased system pressure rating and improved pump overpressure protection

IPEC BSB - Standard Features

  • Up to 80 lpm pump WFI for dilution
  • (3) concentrate supply pumps up to 20 lpm each
  • Digital communications for process-critical instrumentation and components
  • Mass balance/flow-based dilution
  • Improved automation/recipe management platform
  • Hybrid 316L SS/Hastelloy-C wetted construction
  • Self-CIP
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

IPEC BSB - Next-Gen Options

  • WFI Break Tank
  • Low-flow inlet (3 lpm) for more dilute solutions or higher concentration stocks
  • Additional inlet pumps
  • Additional inlet ports
  • Additional outlet ports
  • Additional valving and instrumentation to support full chromatography proccess
  • Other general customizations available